Dr. Jörg Munkes and Sebastian Klein at IIxE Europe

Next week, Corporate Director Dr. Jörg Munkes and Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein, GIM experts for target groups and “personas”, will represent GIM at a renowned innovation event in Amsterdam.

Numerous companies from the areas of innovation consulting and innovation research will take part in the “IIeX Europe 2016” (Insight Innovation Exchange Europe) in Amsterdam on March 3rd and 4th. On the first day of the convention, Dr. Jörg Munkes, Director of Quantitative Research at GIM and expert for target groups and brand-related topics and Sebastian Klein (research focus on design research, UX and target groups) will give a speech about “personas”. This research area deals with prototypes of specific user and target groups in market research and marketing.

Apart from that, GIM is one of the official sponsors of the event which will be hosted by the renowned US market research medium GreenBook.

To get to the website of the event, please click here.