News 2016

New Independent Study about Gardening: “Extension of the Battle Zone”
Which needs, motivations and strategies do consumers have in the area of gardening? In what way do consumers differ from one another? Are there different “gardener types” or is there just “the one gardener” in Germany? GIM has researched these and many … read more

Dr. Stephan Telschow held speech at NEOCOM 2016 in Düsseldorf
GIM shopping research and retail expert Dr. Stephan Telschow has Held a presentation at this year's NEOCOM in Düsseldorf (October 12 and 13). NEOCOM is partly a congress, partly a trade fair and includes interactive formats. Over the past years, this mixture has proven so … read more

GIM research experts with powerful articles and interviews 
Several articles and interviews by GIM research experts on varied topics and industries have recently been published in a number of trade media. In the scope of a special on e-Commerce at, GIM Senior Research Manager Sebastian Maetje has published an … read more

S. Klein and B. Dennig present an independent study at the BHB Garden Summit
Over the next few weeks, research from GIM will be attending all kinds of events where they will be reporting on current studies by the Institute and on research issues in general. Senior Research Manager Benjamin Dennig and Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein will be … read more

Sebastian Klein at the “Qualitative Research Summit” in Cracow
Over the next few weeks, researchers from GIM will be attending all kinds of events where they will be reporting on current studies by the Institute and on research issues in general. Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein will kick things off tomorrow in Cracow. The renowned … read more

GIM Band rocks “Snack 2016” in Frankfurt in September
The GIM Band will be responsible for the music program at the “Snack 2016” on September 6th in Frankfurt. The event addresses marketing managers and decision-makers from the areas of LEH, foodservice, bakeries and butchers who focus on snacks. “The Snack” is hosted by the … read more

Selfies with potential for market research: B. Dennig and S. Shaw at SRF
Which role do selfies that people take of themselves play for market research and which insights can researchers generate from Youtube videos? These are some of the exciting questions that not only market researchers have been dealing with but which also spurred the interest of … read more

GIM Automotive Researchers with Insightful Mobility Article in Trade Magazine p&a
How will people get around in future cities, urban centres or megacities with many millions of inhabitants – or also in rural areas? Will cars be banned from city centres? Will they run on electricity? Or hydrogen? In how far will daily mobility routines change due to societal, … read more

EphMrA Annual Conference: GIM Health Experts Give Talks
June 22–23 has been the main event of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMrA) in Frankfurt, Hessen (Germany). The two-day conference brought together international market research experts and marketing experts as well as product managers from the health … read more

GIM-Experts moderate a Two-Day Healthcare BVM Seminar in Berlin
In early June, a team of 4 GIM researchers held several sessions of a two-day workshop in the scope of a seminar by the professional association of German market and social researchers BVM in Berlin. The seminar titled “A journey between RX, OTC & FMCG – benefitting from … read more

GIM Band Plays at “Insights 2016” in Nuremberg
GIM’s own music group, the “GIM Band”, will be responsible for the musical programme at the market research congress “Insights 2016” on June 1st in Nuremberg. The two-day event will be hosted by the Conference Group of the Frankfurt-based German publishing house dfv which … read more

GIM Welcomes Musicology Students from University of Zurich
In the scope of an excursion on the topic of “Festival Management”, students of the Institute of Musicology of the Zurich University have recently visited GIM Heidelberg. One of the reasons for this exchange of academic and practical research was the ten-year cooperation … read more

GIM Food Expert Dr. Mirjam Hauser with an Article in Swiss Magazine “Die Volkswirtschaft”
In April 2016, GIM Senior Research Manager and food expert Dr. Mirjam Hauser has published an article (only available in German and French) in the Swiss business magazine Die Volkswirtschaft. The article focuses on the changing needs and value concepts of discerning consumers in … read more

GIM France at the “Printemps des Études” in Paris
On April 14 and 15, the “Printemps des Études” took place at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. It is the biggest fair for marketing-, communication- and market research services in France. Also this year, GIM France, GIM’s French subsidiary company, participated in the fair which … read more

GIM Suisse Greatly Represented at Research Summit Switzerland
On April 26th, the Swiss market research industry’s biannual event, the Research Summit Switzerland, will take place in Lucerne. GIM’s subsidiary, GIM Suisse, will be greatly represented at the event in 3 different ways. Firstly, as president of the Swiss Market Research … read more

Speech by Dr. Tomas Jerković about image research at the University of Hohenheim
On April 19, Dr. Tomas Jerković will held a speech at the University of Hohenheim. The event will be hosted by the renowned Institute of Communication Science (Prof. Dr. phil. Jens Vogelgesang). The core topic of the knowledge exchange is “The meaning of image research in the … read more

GOR 2016: Panel discussion with GIM Managing Director Stephan Teuber
GIM Managing Director Stephan Teuber will take part in a panel discussion at the General Online Research (GOR) 2016 conference on 4 March. The subject of discussion will be the future role of market research in the light of changes taking place in the industry. This year’s … read more

Dr. Jörg Munkes and Sebastian Klein at IIxE Europe
Next week, Corporate Director Dr. Jörg Munkes and Senior Research Manager Sebastian Klein, GIM experts for target groups and “personas”, will represent GIM at a renowned innovation event in Amsterdam. Numerous companies from the areas of innovation consulting and innovation … read more

Presentation on Physician Journey – a New Perspective
On March 1st, GIM Senior Research Manager Elif Aksit and Research Manager Sandra Kinne will hold a speech at the Germany Local Chapter Meeting of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA) in Berlin. For the 5th time, members of the industry have the … read more

Interview with GIM Food Expert Dr. Mirjam Hauser on “Deutschlandfunk”
On January 22, Dr. Mirjam Hauser (GIM Suisse), GIM expert for trends and society, took part in the German radio show “Kulturgespräch” (“Cultural Discourse”) of the German radio station “Deutschlandfunk” (a radio station generally focussing on cultural topics). The 45 minute … read more

GIM presents Value Radar at Qual360 Europe Conference in Berlin
In mid February, the “Qual360 Europe” International Conference will take place in Berlin. For two days, top-ranking speakers will talk about the latest highlights in qualitative research. GIM is not only one of the event’s sponsors but will also contribute a speech to the … read more