From Home- to Garden-Improvement.

After the wave of home optimisation of the past years, today‘s new trend is gardening – the battle zone has extended. This presents great potential for retailers and manufacturers in the area of gardening, but only in case the clients‘ needs and demands are identified clearly and taken seriously. Companies who know how their clients think, feel and act can adjust to them perfectly regarding retail and product development. GIM has thoroughly researched the needs, motivations and strategies that underlie customers‘ actions when it comes to gardening, the way in which customers differ from one another and many other topics – also conducting this research directly in the users‘ gardens. Apart from comprehensive insights on the topic of gardening, the study has generated three core results:

  1. There is not only one gardener type but four very different types of gardeners.
  2. They do not only differ regarding their requirements of gardening utensils but also regarding their customer journey when shopping for gardening supplies
  3. Shopping gardening supplies online is extremely popular and not only because of the price advantages. Omnichannel strategies will gain importance in the future.

Do you, as a manufacturer or retailer, want to know more about your (potential) customers and understand them even better?

Take a look at our study report! You can download the pdf for free by simply filling out the form on the left.

If you have more specific questions about the study, please contact Benjamin Dennig, Sebastian Klein or Clemens Breuninger.

Enjoy the read! We hope you will gain useful insights for your business!

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