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Booster "Pricing & Forecasting"

Goodbye, crystal ball!

The Booster "Pricing & Forecasting" is one of four core areas of our toolbox "GIM Salesbooster" and offers you a unique combination of machine learning based pricing approaches and proven and resilient market calibration methods.

Your Challenge:  

  • You want to find the ideal price strategy for your product or service in a specific competitive environment.
  • You are looking for ideal prices for individual variants of your products.
  • You want to optimize the prices of your existing portfolio.
  • You are facing the task of deriving sales and turnover forecasts for new products or services.

However, standard methods cannot adequately depict the complexity of your market and you lack reliable data to support the implementation of specific actions. You are looking for a transparent and reliable method delivering solid results and forecasts!

Our Solution: 

The “Pricing & Forecasting” booster offers you a unique combination of machine learning based pricing approaches as well as established and robust market calibration methods. With its help, you can master the challenges of pricing and sales optimization better than before!

Our adaptive research approach can map the complete market complexity and closely replicate real purchase behavior.

This way, you can find the ideal pricing for products in the competitive environment, as well as for individual variants of your products.


What are we doing better than others? 

  • We have expertise and experience in all industries, products and services.
  • We have extensive expertise in translating choice shares from simulated survey situations to "real" market shares and sales forecasts. To do so, we use robust state-of-the-art calibration techniques.
  • With our optimization approaches, we can optimize prices both for individual products and for entire product lines and portfolios.

Your Benefits:

  • You receive reliable data and highly actionable recommendations.
  • You obtain reliable predictions, which are easy to work with: appropriate, credible and transparent.
  • You gain a solid foundation for your decisions.
  • You can strengthen your position towards your various stakeholders.

Best Practice: 

Take a look at our best practice case "Pricing models for very saturated tech markets – AI vs. classical approaches". 

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