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Booster "Portfolio Optimization"

Meaningful and comprehensible!

The Booster "Portfolio Optimization" is one of four core areas of our toolbox "GIM Salesbooster"! It offers you top-class approaches for the simultaneous optimization of prices and features of different products or services.

Your Challenge:  

  • You are looking for the ideal configuration and price positioning for your product line or product portfolio.
  • You need to identify the number, type and design of products and services in your market environment in terms of sales and your company's strategic goals.
  • You need to perform white spot analyses: i.e. identify target groups for your products or product ideas and/or...
  • ... optimize your portfolio for specific target groups.

What you lack is a solid data basis for a successful portfolio optimization, which is capable of mapping the multi-layered character of your portfolio with all its dimensions. And most standard approaches and tools offer you only limited possibilities to solve this task to your satisfaction.

Our solution: 

The booster "Portfolio Optimization" offers you top-class approaches for the simultaneous optimization of prices and/or characteristics of different products or services.

These approaches include or integrate different conjoint methods or quantitative queries in combination with qualitative elements.

Our flexible methods can be adapted to the complexity of your market and to the specific requirements of your product portfolio (exclusions, pricing rules and dependencies).


What are we doing better than others?

  • We always tailor our methods and approaches to your specific needs. We do not rely on standard tools, but always put together the most suitable method for your task.
  • We have extensive experience in optimizing portfolios for almost all industries.
  • We offer everything from one source: consulting, methodological expertise, programming, analysis and recommendations for action.

Your Benefits: 

  • You receive comprehensible and meaningful portfolio solutions. They fully map the versatility of your portfolio.
  • Valuable insights for the optimal number of products in your portfolio, their pricing, as well as tips for product optimization and differentiation from the competition. 
  • Target group analyses and white-spot analyses for products help you to design your future portfolio even more optimally and to align it with market requirements.
  • In the same time, we also take into account your specific requirements that go beyond the research questions – such as your technical framework or the strategic objectives of your company.

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You can find more information in our suite "GIM Salesbooster" (click here). Our team is looking forward to helping you with any question!

Marko Anders


Dr. Jörg Munkes