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Booster "Configuration"

You do not always need the extra-large solution! 

The booster "Configuration" is one of four core areas of our toolbox "GIM Salesbooster"! It offers you realistic, scalable configurator approaches that can map any degree of complexity of your market.

Your Challenge:  

  • You want to gain a better understanding of the way your customers configure products.
  • You need to determine market shares for products, product variants or individual features as realistically as possible.
  • Your task is to optimize equipment lists, especially for complex products.
  • In the process, you must understand and keep in mind the flows between your market and the competition.
  • You have to test innovations in the context of existing properties.

And you often lack a valid foundation to base your decisions on?

Our solution: 

Our booster “Configuration” offers realistic, scalable configurator approaches which can map any degree of market complexity! This enables us to reproduce the selection and configuration behavior of your customers one to one.

You receive realistic results, with which you can test both simple ideas and larger offer structures.

What are we doing better than others?

  • We offer you a flexible methodology that provides you with reliable statements on purchase shares and thus enables you to prioritize your item lists.
  • And this is easily realizable for any degree of complexity.
  • We have extensive experience in the calibration of configurator studies, as studies always represent an artificial situation, which comes with an inherent skewness in the results. In this way, we provide you with relevant results that closely replicate real-world choice behaviour.

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You can find more information in our suite "GIM Salesbooster" (click here). Our team is looking forward to helping you with any question!

Marko Anders


Dr. Jörg Munkes