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Booster "Bundling"

No more decisions based on gut feeling!

The Booster "Bundling" is one of four core areas of our toolbox "GIM Salesbooster". It delivers concrete recommendations that help you to master complex sales challenges easier and better.

Your Challenge:  

  • You need to combine existing individual products or services into attractive packages in terms of content and price.
  • You need to develop a viable business plan for these packages.
  • You have to optimize prices, composition and runtimes for your existing packages.

But you often lack reliable foundation for your decision making, like reliable forecasts and reference data? And therefore, you have to decide based on just a gut feeling? 

Our solution:

Bundling issues depend on many factors, e. g.: price, runtimes, and composition of content. Accordingly, you have to optimize several dimensions simultaneously.

The “Bundling” booster is an approach especially tailored to these specific questions. It takes into account all their relevant dimensions and their interaction.

Your question is the core of our approach! We align all the study parameters to it. A broad spectrum of methods (from simple, standardized questionnaires to complex, customized decision-making models) enables us to develop viable and successful business cases for you.


What are we doing better than others?

  • We want to understand your situation and to put ourselves in your position! Therefore, we actively listen to you and ask the right questions.
  • With our decade-long experience and thorough expertise, we provide you with optimal methodical consulting and implementation which is tailored to your goals
  • We rely on customized in-house solutions when – as is so often the case – standard solutions reach their limits to answer your specific questions.
  • We combine the technology and knowledge resources of a large, international institute with the flexibility and speed of a small provider.

Your Benefits: 

  • You are able to master complex sales challenges such as the composition of your bundles, the pricing of the packages or even the overall portfolio optimization easier and better.
  • You receive actionable recommendations to increase the success of your packages and/or portfolios.
  • You have solid arguments for discussions with your internal stakeholders.
  • You receive fast implementations, which makes it easier to adhere to your budgets and timelines.
  • You have minimal effort.

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You can find more information in our suite "GIM Salesbooster" (click here). Our team is looking forward to helping you with any question!

Marko Anders


Dr. Jörg Munkes