GIM Suisse: Survey for industry association EXPO EVENT


Despite declining sales and skills shortages since the Corona pandemic, the event industry continues to believe in the power of live encounters! GIM Suisse was recently able to establish this in a member survey commissioned by the industry association EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association.  

Members of the three associations EXPO EVENT, svtb and VSSA were interviewed for this survey at the beginning of this year. The goal was to gain insight into current trends and developments in the event industry, management during the pandemic, and future challenges for the event industry.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, revenue forecasts for 2022 once again are optimistic. In the coming two years, the number of employees is expected to increase (especially in the form of freelancers). Nevertheless, the industry continues to be affected by skills shortages. To increase employer attractiveness, businesses are increasingly focusing on training and work culture.

Although hybrid and digital formats (such as live streaming) have been increasingly used since the pandemic, a growing trend to return to live formats is predicted for the next few years. A certain degree of uncertainty nevertheless remains among businesses.

Within the industry, the topic of sustainability is also gaining importance. 46% of the surveyed businesses offer services for sustainable events and actively point them out to customers.

Read the free abridged version of this study in German here!

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