"Cold Wash": GIM Study for new Campaign by P&G and WWF


WWF Germany launched a new Behaviour Change campaign in July 2022 together with the international consumer goods group Procter & Gamble (P&G) under the slogan #wirdrehenrunter. The Germany-wide campaign aims to convince consumers to wash colder in order to save energy and CO2. Reasons such as hygiene, habit and tradition often lead many Germans to wash hotter than necessary. However, detergents and washing machines have improved significantly in recent years. The campaign therefore aims to bring about a change in behavior among German consumers.

GIM Cleaning & Washing Research is supporting the campaign with various qualitative studies. The campaign will be evaluated and insights into barriers, motivations and fine-tuning possibilities of the campaign will be collected step by step. The aim is to make the behavioral changes achieved and their effects measurable and thus gain information for further campaigns.

For more information on the "Cold Wash" campaign, please visit the WWF website.


If you have any questions about the study, please feel free to contact our Cleaning & Washing experts Tina Choi-Odenwald and Maria Wronka at any time.

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