GIM c.o.r.e. – new service in the field of EX

August 3, 2021

The GIM Network expands with a new offering: GIM c.o.r.e., the GIM service for measuring and developing corporate culture.

GIM c.o.r.e. stands for culture, organization, reputation, employees. The goal is to support companies in getting to know their own corporate culture from the perspective of their employees and thereby generate insights for strategic employee management and retention.

The approach of GIM c.o.r.e. understands corporate culture as the foundation for satisfied employees and long-term corporate success. Everything is derived from the culture: the reputation, the perception of the company on the market and the interaction with customers.

GIM has been conducting research on and with people and brands for over 30 years. In the area of Employee Experience, GIM c.o.r.e. combines this expertise with knowledge about organizations and companies. In addition, GIM c.o.r.e. offers further connecting points - e.g. to GIM foresight (future research) or GIM consult (brand, marketing).

GIM c.o.r.e. – new service in the field of EX


For more information, please contact:
Dr. Jörg Munkes